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What We Want

At Dirty Girls Magazine, we yearn for emotion. Send us your truth, your heart-felt brushstrokes, your cosmic yearnings. 

We like to cry but love to laugh. At Dirty Girls, we share art and stories that reflect the messy experiences of life and find the beauty in adversity. 

Dirty Girls inclusively accepts submissions from makers of all voices and gender identities, published and unpublished. We won’t turn you away. We encourage writers and artists male, female, LGBTQ, non-binary, asexual, and all cultures and colors of the worldwide rainbow to submit to Dirty Girls.

What makes a piece suitable for Dirty Girls? 

We want your boldest, baddest, and most brilliant. 

Send your submissions in word documents to

Response Time:

2-4 weeks 

Dirty Girls Magazine believes in having a fast turnaround while still taking great pride in reviewing each piece with thoughtfulness and consideration. In a double-blind team effort, submissions are reviewed and rated by our expert editorial staff.

We consider only work written in or translated into English.

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